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“ Marinchevi Trance ” Ltd . offers at your disposal a modern motor fleet.
Our vehicles meet all international requirements.
For us , the most important role for successful deliver y plays the quality vehicle , so all our vehicles are subject ed to regular technical inspections. This ensures the successful transport ation of your items. Our motor fleet offers standard and specialized vehicles , such as :

•  8 pcs . Mercedes tractors

•  9 pcs. s emi trucks Schmitz , Schwarzmuller , Krone

•  Trucks are equiped with EURO 5 and EURO 6 engines

All vehicles are included in licenses ed and certifi ed, entitling our transportation company to carry international freight to all European destinations.
All of our services and goods are insured by the CMR Convention .
The vehicles are equipped with all modern means of communication to provide timely notice to customers about the status of their consignments. Dimensions and loading capacity of semi trucks :

•  Length: 13.60 m

•  Width: 2.45 to 2.48 m

•  Height: 2.50 to 2.75 m

•  Up to 34 positions for pallets

•  Up to 25 tons of cargo weight

•  Volume 95m3
If necessary, we may lend for certain routes other types of vehicles (jumbo , hengeri, small trucks)

  Marinchevi Trans Ltd. - has a highly organized, dynamic and ambitious professionals with a high sense of responsibility.  

Live support

---gsm:+359 888812371

-fax:+359 56 872415

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