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Marinchevi Trance Ltd. offers transpor tation of goods to and from all parts of Europe, Russia and Turkey.

Our main destinations are Macedonia, Albania, Serbia, Romania.
Long successful practice and international network of the company give the company an edge in international transport.

Our vehicles meet the environmental and technical requirements of the European Union.

Our main clients are: "Kronospan Bulgaria", "Knauf Ltd., Eurosped Ltd., Schenker Ltd., Vertical Ltd., Niker Transport Ltd., Nicky 2000 Ltd., Trans X Ltd. and many others .


Thanks to the wide range of services offered by Trans Ltd. Marinchev, our customers will receive expert service for the transportation of their shipments. The company offers a flexible and expeditious service in the following categories:


Focus of our activity is providing transportation for purposes of partial shipments and direct loading and unloading from and to anywhere in Europe, European Russia and European Turkey. We have a fleet of high-and-board vehicles, ensuring secure transport ation of your items.

Dangerous Goods

Dangerous goods are substances or objects , whose transport requires compliance with specific conditions for the packaging and handling, sorting and transportation.

Groupage services

Besides organizing specialized transport , Marinchevi Trance Ltd. do transport of groupage consignments in all areas accessible to road transport in Europe .

  Marinchevi Trans Ltd. - has a highly organized, dynamic and ambitious professionals with a high sense of responsibility.  

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---gsm:+359 888812371

-fax:+359 56 872415


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